Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day 2

Well today not much has been done on the modding front. All I am doing right now is waiting for the modchip to come in. Also I found out that apparently you can not use ColdHeat on circuit boards, which blows. So now as soon as I get it, I will have to send out an RMA. Which sucks cause that means I have to lose money on shipping. But whatever, at least I didn't fry my motherboard with a ColdHeat. Better to lose 10 bucks on shipping than lose 150 on a new Xbox. So now I am just going to go to Radio Shack and buy a cheap soldering iron and some solder. I think I am going to hold out on the hard drive because I am going to make sure I get it moded first without screwing anything up, then I will put in the new hard drive. Anyways I think I am just going to use the 2nd HDD that is in my computer, it's 300GB which should be more than enough. I'll just order 2 new SATA drives for my computer, I always wanted to run a RAID config anyways...

Another thing I did today was test out how well my wireless network is capable of playing video. My conclusion is that a 801.11G network is more than capable of handling great quality video. The hitches with this task will be in the software that will be used on the Xbox, the paltry 64MB of RAM that the Xbox has and the 733MHZ P3 chip that the Xbox runs. Stay tuned more to come.


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